Oh hey

Hi, I’m Christian. Thanks for stopping by.

I like to learn about and discuss the future, culture, society, science, and starting & operating businesses. I’m always building something. Come say hi on Twitter.

Right now I work in product at OpenTrack, a freight visibility startup building the open network for supply chain management.

Before that, I:

  • Led product at HJAELP, a user-owned service marketplace built on web3
  • Co-founded Shoutworks, a no-code app builder for Amazon Alexa
  • Co-founded Plentyworks, a software agency
  • For more see LinkedIn

I used to write a newsletter called No-Code Startup Ideas, which broke down how to start profitable online businesses with no code.

I started a company in France under the French Tech Visa, then wrote a guide about it. Read the short version here and get the ultimate guide here.

I also used to write a newsletter called the One Seventeen on how the world was doing on the Sustainable Development Goals.