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Product vs. Marketing: Don’t Run a Train Until You Lay Tracks to at Least One Station

Product vs. Marketing in a startup. Product is like the train tracks, marketing is like the train. Don’t sell tickets until you can get people to a destination. Don’t stop building the tracks there, but you’ll need to go to at least one desirable destination before you can sell tickets.


Crypto basics

It’s not too late I’ve recently started getting interested in cryptocurrencies, decentralized finance and blockchain technology, so I’ll write down some of my notes on the things I’m learning here. Impression 1: It’s not too late. Almost every podcast, conversation, and commentary I’ve seen has marveled at the growth the crypto / DeFi / blockchain […]

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Book Summary: Shoe Dog (Part 1)

I started reading Phil Knight’s story of how he started Nike because I was looking for a good, inspiring story of entrepreneurship. I wanted to learn something. That I have. Here’s a summary of reading this book from the perspective of an early-stage technology founder. I’ll try to pull out a few lessons learned that […]


First Be, Then Do, Then Have

Doing things that don’t involve being the person you want to be is a recipe for ending up in a place you never wanted to be in.

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Guide to the French Tech Visa: Why the French President invited me to start my company in France

Living in France was never really in the plan. But here we are.


What is voice marketing?

It is basically this: Marketing, but through smart voice assistants.