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Product vs. Marketing: Don’t Run a Train Until You Lay Tracks to at Least One Station

Product vs. Marketing in a startup. Product is like the train tracks, marketing is like the train. Don’t sell tickets until you can get people to a destination. Don’t stop building the tracks there, but you’ll need to go to at least one desirable destination before you can sell tickets.

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Book Summary: Shoe Dog (Part 1)

I started reading Phil Knight’s story of how he started Nike because I was looking for a good, inspiring story of entrepreneurship. I wanted to learn something. That I have. Here’s a summary of reading this book from the perspective of an early-stage technology founder. I’ll try to pull out a few lessons learned that […]

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Guide to the French Tech Visa: Why the French President invited me to start my company in France

Living in France was never really in the plan. But here we are.